The web developer making millions selling jQuery image slider plugins

Recently, I came across a post on reddit /r/webdev :

As a web. developer, I've always been looking for great ideas of things I could work hard on, and implement, in order to generate a passive income stream.

So, of course, I was intrigued by the first answer. Making 1.5k a month from a wordpress theme sold on Themeforest ? I can do that too !

My experience with Themeforest

Of course, like many people, and especially as a start-up CTO, I've already used TF as a customer, picked a nice theme for my ghost powered blog, than tweeked it a bit to match my taste.

I did buy 1 or 2 wordpress themes from there too, for clients, as a freelancer in the past . But I couldn't imagine people making a living and actually getting rich off ThemeForrest until I came accros that badge :


A user called Semenov, has a portfolio of 4 items, all best sellers, All JQuery sliders plugins !

I mean it's both amazing and totally insane !
His account is 7 years old, and he has racked more than $1M selling jQuery image sliders.

His #1 best seller being RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery, with 30830 Sales for an amount of 14$ each, bringing in 430k before TF's cut.

EDIT : I've spoken to a redditor that actually uses the RoyalSlider plugin at work, it seems that Semenov release updates pretty often, so it is not a fully passive income stream. It's still pretty neat.

Well done Semenov ;)

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